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Therese Johaug tested positive after usage of cream to heal sunburned lip

Therese Johaug tested positive for the substance clostebol after having used the cream Trofodermin on a sunburned lip. She got the sunburn during altitude training with the national team in Italy late August.

In Livigno the team doctor Fredrik S. Bendiksen bought two creams for wound treatment in an Italian pharmacy. One of the two creams was the cream Trofodermin., Bendiksen gave Therese Johaug this cream on the night of 4 September 2016. She checked with the doctor, who ensured that the specific cream was permitted to use, and did not contain any substances from the prohibited list. The doctor did not realize that this cream contains clostebol as is mentioned in Wada`s prohibited list.

- I am completely devastated and in despair to have ended up in this very demanding and to me unreal situation. I see this as unfair and totally undeserved, even though I am obviously aware of the liability that I have as an athlete for the medication that I use, Therese Johaug says.

- I have and accept responsibility for the fact that Therese has used the banned substance clostebol through the cream Trofodermin, states team doctor Fredrik S. Bendiksen, and is devastated about the situation in which he has brought Therese. She is an incredibly honorable person and an athlete who shows thoroughness in everything she does. Right now it is most important for me to do whatever I can to prevent that Therese will be punished for having used a cream that I assured her was safe to use, Bendiksen says.

Friday 16 September Therese carried out an out-of-competition urine test. She stated in this connection that she had used the cream Trofodermin. The urine sample showed traces of the substance clostebol, which is on Wada`s prohibited list. Tuesday 4 October Anti-Doping Norway informed Therese about the discovery in the urine sample.

-Now our main focus is to take care of Therese and Fredrik in the best possible matter, and to show full transparency about what has happened, chairman of the NSF cross-country committee Torbjørn Skogstad says. This is a serious situation for Therese Johaug, Fredrik Bendiksen and Norwegian cross-country. The cross-country committee has summoned the national team management to discuss potential immediate measures. However, we cannot give any further comments on this particular case before Anti-Doping Norway has completed the case, Skogstad says.

-This is a terribly sad day. Our biggest concern right now is the wellbeing of Therese and Fredrik, Norwegian Ski Federation president Erik Røste says. We are standing together in this difficult situation. The executive board is worried about the fact that Norwegian cross-country again has ended up in such a demanding situation. The executive board stresses that the cross-country committee now takes measures to prevent this from happening again, says NSF president Erik Røste.

Therese Johaug and Fredrik Bendiksen will attend the press conference at

UBC møterom “VIF-losjen”, entrance D, Thursday 13. October 2016 at 12.15 pm


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